Thursday, November 25, 2010

Too Cool....

Well not really - the weather has been really hot actually and I really wish that Ray would let me use the A/C that we spent a fortune putting in......

I don't have alot to share this week at all. I just haven't been anywhere near as scrappy minded as I have wanted to be. Thought I would share this one from the Top 50 CC which just ended.

The challenge was to use some recycled items on your page. I kinda went to town on this. My base is an old manilla folder that I ripped in half. I am not sure what important paperwork is now loose in the filing cabinet, but I am sure that Ray will let me know sooner or later ;D I also ripped up an old sun protector thing for the car. The string was from a tag off some clothing, and the cards and the bulldog clips were just laying around. The staples and dabomb post it are just regular office supplies. The alphas and the tape are the only 'true' scrappy supplies - oh and the glimmer mist. I really need to get a better photo - but when the weather has been good, I haven't been home to get one. Grrrr.

Also - I just paid a visit to my LSSs' blog and discovered this:
- if you want to win this

...all you have to do is go here, leave a Birthday wish, follow the Scrapville blog and spread the word about this give away and Janet's birthday sale. That is pretty easy right!?

Nothing else for today - TFL





  1. Funky layout, Anthea - and doesn't recycling rock!!! LOL @ your comment on my blog - hey you're famous - I saw you in SM - so lovely!

    BTW: YOU ROCK!!! :D

  2. Thanks for your message - but you got there first so your famousererer!