Saturday, September 26, 2009

New scrapping space.

Hi all - I have decided it is time to split my blog into two. One for general stuff and one for scrapbooking. I am doing this so that everyone that is not interested in my scrapping doesn't have to look if they don't want. Of course they are more than welcome to look though.
This week I have been busy participating in the Spring Fling Cyber Crop at Scrapbooking Top 50 I have had a blast and been challenged with every single LO. Thanks to everyone over there for such a fun time.
Without further ado, here is what I have created this week.
Mystery Challenge: Opening night
The criteria was it had to have red as a dominant colour, had to include distrssing, had to have buttons and had to be of a holiday.
Challenge 1: Prom Night
Had to have 90% white and only one other colour. I love this LO.
Challenge 2: Floral Bouquet
This was a sketch challenge that I found particulary hard. I stuck pretty much to the sketch and although I am not entirely happy with this one - I still think that I had the right idea.
Challenge 3: Pick a Bunch
Had to have blue and purple, had to have staples or pins (there are heaps of staples they just don't photograph well), had to use paint on a stamp and had to have a home made journal card (is there any other sort?) I love this even though I would NEVER normally use purple in a LO.
Challenge 4: New Beginnings
This had to be a LO about a new beginning - if I get time I will add the journalling on my other blog as it relates directly to Tori and her diagnoses of achondroplasia. This LO is nothing special, but the journalling is something that I have wanted to do for a very long time. The message that I hope to convey through this is that even though new beginnings can be difficult, we can overcome them. We cant always choose the beginning, but we can choose the story that follows and the way the characters react to certain situations. I thank my darling Tori for teaching me that.

Challenge 5: Animal Crackers
Had to include an animal embellishment (the cute home made bird I made) and some doodling. The doodling is minimal, but it IS there. I love how this came out. The jounalling reads, ..."is my Italian nickname for you, meaning my cute little baby bird."

Thought you might like a close up.

Challenge 6: Special Delivery
OK -I got this one all screwed up - it pays to check the criteria BEFORE doing the card. It was supposed to include bright home-made flowers, include a happy sentiment and a charm. Well I got the charm bit right and the card IS a 'happy birthday' card for Matthew. As for the flowers - if only he had liked gardening I may have had one on there - lol. The charms all represent something Matthew enjoys doing; a spatula and spoon = cooking, bike = biking, book = reading & fish = fishing. As for the bright - red and blue are bright.....right?

Well that is it. My first post on my new blog. Hope you like the it how you like....hehe.

Have a good one.