Friday, January 15, 2010

My day with Kathie

Well, if you are one of the Scrapbooking Top 50 gals, or a follower of Kathie's blog, you may know that today we finally got to meet. Kathie was in Benella for the week visiting a friend, so I took the opportunity to go and visit her. I had a great time meeting her and her two lovely daughters. I got tons of photos, but these are some of my favourites in no particular order.....

The kids on the apple.
Tori and Miss Gillian (Tori refusing to do anything but hug Miss Gillian!)
The rocket - see if you can spy the kids.

Kathie and Miss Angela.

Matthew - yep - Master attidude himself.

The gorgeous Kathie.
Tori, NOT posing for the camera despite my pleas.

Miss Angela....
Miss Gillian

Tori, licking the frosting of the babycino plate.

Kathie and Moi (Photo taken by Matthew)

And because Matthew figured out how, a pic taken with the self timer on the camera - balanced quite precariously on the pram......hehe.

Kathie's girls were so well mannered, Tori tried (she is only 2 and half) and Matthew, well he was his typical rambunctious self. By the time we left though, he had settled down a bit and had stopped trying to show off in front of the new girls he was meeting! He tried to tell me he didn't think they were beautiful: yeah right - so why was he trying to impress them so much (very unsuccessfully I might add)?

Kathie, it was lovely meeting you and I truly hope that we can do it again! I might leave Matthew at home though!!!