Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A few LOs to share

It has been a while huh? Here are some LOs that I haven't as yet shared - in no particular order. This first one was for a challenge over at top50 It was based on an advertisement, it required pinwheels, rubons and something else - but I can not for the life of me remember what right now.

This next one I did for another challenge - again I can not remember the details, but I really like how it came out. The 'endure the elements' acetate tag is a play on words as Matthew loves his Element shoes.

This next one was my challenge for last months CC (that is how far behind I am in blogging.) All the stuff on/in the LO comes from My2Angels. If you have never been there, I suggest you check it out - Tracy has some amazing stuff for really great prices too.

Just to show you the hidden journalling.

This one was another Top50 challenge and yet again I can not remember the requirements for it. Once again - most stuff on here is from My2Angels. If you are like me and just love the flowers on this LO and the last one - the gardenias are here and the star flowers are here. But don't think that is all she has in the way of flowers. Take a look around - you will be amazed.
This one was our opening night challenge for last months CC. I think it came up pretty good. We were required to use a food inspired title (ie: you are the apple of my eye), an embelishment that represented that food and a LO smaller than 12 x12. The nuts on my LO are literally some hazel nuts that I cracked open and then dimensional 'magiced' together - I think they look pretty neat. (Self praise is the best kind!)

Well - I have more to share - but will do it in another post. Thanks for checking these ones out. MWAH to you all.