Monday, October 25, 2010

For you Sam!

I will admit it. The only reason I am updating tonight is 'cause Sam guilted me into it.

I have been to two retreats since my last update, both of which were really, really fun and involved some serious lack of sleep. By the time I got home from both of them, all I wanted to do was sleep.

I had great fun meeting people that I had only ever 'spoken' to on forums and such, learning new techniques, catching up with friends that I know from up here and meeting a bunch of other people. Bring on next year and the next round of retreats....I am in!

Thanks to both Kathy and Janet for organising them

Another thing that I have to admit is that I really haven't done much scrapping except for what I have done at the retreats. I have been taking lots of pics though and have a new pile just waiting to be scrapped.
Here is some of the stuff I have done over the past few months.

This one was one of my favs from Scraphappykat's 1st retreat. I usually hate purple - but I love this LO and will no doubt use this colour combo again. This was my entry into on of Sue's challenges at Top50, in which we had to take inspiration from a piece of clothing.
I used the t-shirt I was wearing at the time.

This was another fav. This was my LO for the dare challenge over at top50. I LOVE my treasure chest and keep saying I should try and sub it.....I haven't yet though. I am not sure I could part with it if they did accept it....

A close up of the treasure chest....or chesure trest.....depending on who is saying it. Thank you sooooo much Treens for the coins and mirror to make it a reality.....smashing those mirrors might bring me bad luck....but it was worth it!

There were other LOs that I did that I loved, one in particular, that I can't seem to find a photo of, is the class ran by Tracy at My2angels. I will take another photo and try to remember to show you next time I upload.

This next LO was a challenge set by me in which we had to rescrap an old LO or use a new technique. I chose to rescrap this LO from my very early days of scrapping. I love the photo and the design, it was just really plain. In all honesty I am still not sure which one I like best. I think I prefer the red than the pink....but love the overall look of the second one. Maybe I will do it a third time and get it the way I really want it?

This LO challenge called for lots of white space. I love how this turned out. The title is "the little things" and there is hidden journalling behind the photo which explains how excited we all were, when because of a bit of thought in planning the new bathroom, Tori could finally brush her teeth on her own and turn the taps on. Like I said, it is 'the little things' that make us truly happy.

This LO was for the dare challenge and again I had to use purple....I love how it turned out. Very simple...but nice! I think the photo speaks for itself in this one!
Oh! If Matthew sees that I have put this next one here, I will be killed instantly! He was soooo mad with me for making him pose for the photo and when he saw the LO he was even madder. I still love it and it actually won the challenge that it was made for.
This next one was my challenge sample for our recent Lyrics and Music CC. It was a really fun theme and I think we all enjoyed it immensely. This was about misheard lyrics - in case you couldn't figure it out.
Everything on this LO was either provided by or available at my2angels.
I do have to make a mention of that amazing crushed glass that I coated my stars looks amazing IRL and my photos do NOT do it justice. If you want a direct link to can find it here.

This next one is yet another CC challenge. I don't think I need to say too much about this LO. I just love the way Tori's eyes pop in it.....I will be using blue again on her LOs.

My sample LO for this months CC at Top50.
Really it is showing the love that these two have for one another. Tori really does idolise Matthew. It is also showing how they also enjoy the very simple things in covering themselves with a 'pile of stones'.

Almost EVERYTHING on this page was provided by Tracy at my2angels.

This next LO was for last months scrap whispers at top50. Where someone does a LO and passes it on to the next person who then scraplifts it and so on down the line till the end. Seeing how it evolves is actually pretty cool. In this case mine was last and this one was first.

I love how this turned out.
If you want to play - we have been playing most months so come and join in!

The flowers in this come from my2angels - they are a favourite of mine right now.

And finally - one last OTP (which I NEVER do!)
I did this for a class run by the one and only Melinda. She actually ran the class with completely different papers, but was happy for me to use my own. It is a photo of my nephew and his girlfriend Chelsie, that I took at her deb ball. I gave this to Chelsie as a gift and I think she really liked it. Thanks sooo much Mel I love it!

Well - if you have got this far you are doing very well. I will sign off for now. Hugs to you all and hope you are all well.