Sunday, July 24, 2011

LOs from latest July CC

This months July Cyber Crop over at Top50 has been and gone. It was a lot of fun, the theme was lights, camera, action. The lovely Linda (guest DT) actually came up with all the suggestions for this months CC and we (the DT) loved them so much we didn't change a thing.

I didn't get a LO completed for the opening night challenge - just not enough time on my hands. I did however get all the others done, partly due to a scrapping evening with the lovely Kathie from Scraphappykat when her and her lovely daughters came for a visit.

Challenge 1: To create a LO showcasing You and to tell a little about yourself. I did this in a roundabout way, by writing a letter to my younger self. There are a few tidbits about me here, but I know that the grey marker is hard to read....sorry. I have used some a little bit fANTsy pins, a gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) button from Lovelybug Bits n Bobs and a doiley from Lime Tree Creations. I think it has come together quite nicely.

Challenge 3: Was to create a LO that incorporated an 'action' photo and the word 'action' somewhere on the LO. I struggled with this a bit at first, but have to say in the end I love how it has come together. I have used the ticket stubs that the man from the arcade was good enough to give us as embellishmets and I think they look pretty OK.

Challenge 4: Was to create a LO that used a close up photo that was at least a 5x7 and base the LO around that. I had fun with these new papers doing some fussy cutting and mounting. There is some hidden journalling behind the photo and I have included a photo of that too.

Well, that is it for now. As some of you would of noticed - there is no photo for challenge 2. That was my challenge and it was called 5 minutes of fame. I showed you a pic of that one in my last post....the one where Miss T. met Dora.

Thanks for looking. Hope everyone is well. Hugs to you all.




Saturday, July 16, 2011

Not so quick share

It has been a while since I have shared anything here, so I thought I would just put up a couple of LOs that I have done over the past month or so - all for Top50 challenges.

The cake: Should probably read the cake(s) because Miss T's birthday cake was a bunch of little cupcakes decorated to form a magical garden. She loved it, I was 'proud as punch' of my achievement and everyone thought they tasted pretty good (at least that is what they told me!) This LO really hasn't photographed well at all and I broke about 100 needles (OK - slight exageration there) sewing those circles - but I love the effect.

Believe in Yourself: Well - with some of the issues I am having with Master M. who really is a prepubescent teen - I need for him to remember to believe in himself. I have to keep reminding him that he can be anything he wants to be if he puts his mind to it. Had fun with this creating a transparent window and lots of messy sewing around the flowers. This LO has some amazing textures on it - wish the photograph showed that better.

Swim: A sketch challenge that I had fun doing....I love this photo of Miss T. swimming. I have also used some of my pins on this LO - these are from my 'Sunkissed' range. You can find my pins on my f/b page at 'a little bit fANTsy' - come check them out.

Once Upon a Time: Love this photo of Miss T. and am a bit upset that I haven't done it more justice in with this LO. I don't mind it...but I don't love it either. Oh - I do love the flowers I made though.

Footy Obsessed: Firstly let me say that I am glad I checked the dictionary on this one...or it would of been 'Footy Obssessed' and I would of died of embarassment. I don't claim to be the perfect speller....but you have got to get your titles right....right? Creating this LO was the most fun I have had in a long time with paper - I basically papermached bits of the football section on to cardstock to create the back ground. That and the photos are my favourite parts of this LO.

Dora: Scrapping this photo is something that I have wanted to do for ages but it was pretty hard with all those colours. Finally I gave it a go - and I don't mind how it has turned out. This is actually my second first attempt was ruined by a ridiculous amount of glimmer mist on the background - gee -have any of you ever known me to be heavy handed with the GM? ;)

A couple of notes re: Dora LO.

1. Those pins are hand dyed by moi and look amazing IRL

2. Those yoyo flowers - under my rolled ones were made by Vicki - you can purchase them here 3. If anyone in the area can remember the date that Dora visited us at Officeworks - could you let me know please?

4. I don't mind if you commend me on my HAND CUT title on this one!

AND just because I feel bad that Miss T's LOs double that of Master M's in this post - I thought I would share a recent photo that I edited here of Master M. playing footy a couple of weeks ago. How cool is that effect? Well - I like it anyway!

Well - on that note I am signing off. This has taken way too long due to some issues with our computer. I am ready to throw it out the window and get a new one. I have tried decluttering it, we have bumped up the speed significantly and it still takes hours for everything to load etc.

Hope you are all well and thanks for visiting. :D Remember - I love it when you leave me even just a little note to let me know that you dropped by ;)